• Dolby Atmos Panner Plug-in for Pro Tools

    Lets you place audio objects in 3D space and generates object metadata that is authored with the final content

  • Renderer

    Takes the audio and metadata from Pro Tools®, and creates the mix in the Dolby Atmos® environment, returning a binaurally rendered mix that is encoded into standard Dolby Digital Plus™ format

  • Monitor Application

    Provides signal metering and a dynamic view of all mix objects, so you can see where each object is placed in the 3D space

  • Video Player

    Plays in sync with Pro Tools and allows you to view equirectangular or 3D video on an Oculus® headset, while sending positional data back to the renderer, so you can hear the effects of head tracking in real time

  • audioease 360 pan suite

    There are a lot of names for the type video that the 360pan suite can deliver spatial (or localized, immersive, 3D) audio for:

    • 360° video
    • VR video
    • Virtual Reality video
    • Panoramic video
    • Spherical video

    to name the most common.
    These type videos require a soundtrack that can turn when the head of the viewer with VR goggles on, or his phone, is turned.

    There are a number of playback platforms for 360 VR videos.

    • Facebook 360
    • Oculus Video
    • YouTube
    • SamsungVR
    • Jaunt

    to name a couple.

    All of these chose Ambisonics as the technology that allows for the interactively turning audio mix. This means that audio-post folks need to produce ambisonics mixes. Ambisonics mixes are in a format called b-format, which consist of four channels. B-format comes in two channel orders: AmbiX or FuMa.
    YouTube requires AmbiX b-format ambisonics soundtracks, so this is what 360pan delivers.
    Facebook requires 2nd order ambisonics, 360pan suite 2 also delivers this.

  • Waves NX

Waves Nx finally bridges the gap between monitoring on speakers and monitoring on headphones. By letting you hear the depth and stereo spread you would be hearing on external monitors, Nx gives you an accurate representation of how your headphone mix will translate to loudspeakers. By delivering the natural listening experience of a physical room, Waves Nx also makes the headphone experience more comfortable and ear-friendly over long periods of time.

Want to mix for 7.1, 5.1 or 5.0 surround on your regular stereo headphones? Waves Nx lets you do exactly that – a true revolution in the world of surround mixing.

Best of all: Waves Nx does all this without coloring your sound. What you hear is your mix, exactly the way you want it to sound – only now you have a more accurate way to monitor it on headphones.

Use Waves Nx with real-time head tracking – taking advantage of your computer’s camera or the Nx Head Tracker – and enjoy the enhanced realism of being in the Virtual Mix Room, anywhere and everywhere you go.