Listen to a Picture

Listen to a picture

We’re partecipating with this project at ERRIN European Regions Research and Innovations Network
Short description of project idea :
We want to transform a “visual picture” in a “audio picture” with binaural audio. So bling people can partecipate an exibition of paintings. They can’t see the picture, but they can listen the picture. Binaural audio is the way to open the canvas and transform it in “audio”: voice of people, nature, animals. all the elements of the picture can be animated and described the canvas through a dive inside the canvas. the user will have audio input in the four directions. At the base of the work there will be a cultural historical research of the environment represented and a engineering research to realize the final app.
objectives: realize an app so blind people can visit a museum or an exibition of picture. First step to analize engineering need, it was developed. Second step to try binaural audio on video project to undestand limits and success point, was developed. Next steps are: to develope dedicated ear phone, to develope dedicate app, to make an inventory of the main paintings in the museums that can be transformed into audio files. last step, choose a picture to use as a test.
Challenges that may determine the impact of the project:
first challenge to have a support from director of museum to have all information about one historical picture, and to have all permission to study it. the main challenge will be to find funding to create a database of cadres in the app and allow the app to be free for the blind
Partners that have already expressed interest in the project and expected
DAMS of Gorizia: study and match the position of the frame elements of picutre, in the four directions in binaural process and to partecipate to realize file 3D audio – final output University of Udine: to study and to realize 3D audio file
– public: museum or art gallery. they can provide historical material about the artist and to the exposed picture. – private engineerign lab: to project and to releazie a prototipe of small and comfortable headphone for binaural audio. On the market there are headphones for binaural, but they are large and uncomplicated.
Specific countries/regions/cities you are keen to collaborate with:
Trieste/ Gorizia/Udine in Friuli Venezia Giulia
First Name: Debora
Last Name: Desio
Name of the organisation
A_LAB Srls